The procedure is basically the same for all clinics. The inflamed and/or dead pulp or soft tissue is accessed, removed and disinfected. The space left behind is then filled with a material called gutta-percha. Its rubber-like properties make it ideal as a long-term solution for canal filling. If done with perfection, root canal treatments will never need to be repeated and the normal functions of the tooth (such as biting and chewing) are restored right away.

While this endodontic treatment is undoubtedly painful, McLoud Family Dentistry can give assurance to its patients that they will never have to worry about it. The clinic is equipped with the latest in dental sedation technology. Its endodontic experts are trained in the best methods of minimizing pain and discomfort of the canal procedure. The clinic environment is also friendly and provides a relaxing venue for those who are looking for the best dental care.

Root canal treatment need not be a traumatic experience for you or your family members. Let the experts of this clinic solve your endodontic problems. Contact them today!

how dental crown is placed

When considering a crown, there are several different materials to choose from. These are outlined below:


Similar to any dental fixture, a crown is classified depending on the material and process used to produce it. The most advanced among the types is the milled or Zirconia crown. This crown is produced using specialized software and hardware. Producing this permanent crown does not require a dental impression nor a temporary crown. Because of the technology behind its creation, the Zirconia crown may be fitted on the patient’s tooth the same day he visits the dentist.

Metal Alloys

The most common type is made of a metal alloy like chromium, nickel, palladium and even gold. These alloys do not closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth because of their color, but they can withstand the force brought about by chewing and biting. McLoud Family dentists typically use this type for molars that are barely seen.

Resin, Porcelain and Metal-Fused Ceramic

Patients can also request fitting an all-porcelain or an all-resin crown, which closely resembles the color of natural teeth. They last long but they are not as durable as metal alloy crowns. If a patient wants a longer-lasting and more natural-looking tooth cap, a metal-fused ceramic crown may be installed, especially if the tooth to be covered is in front.

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