The teeth are among the best assets that an individual could have. Without it, smiles will never be perfect. Maintaining the health of the teeth is not that complicated. However, many of us still forget to stick to regular daily hygiene habits because our fast-paced lifestyles. Current statistics in the US indicate that 17-20% of all children aged 5 t0 10 have untreated dental caries. The same set of statistics reveal that 27-30% of all adults have the same kind of dental problem.

The most common solution for such problem is the fitting in of fillings. When cavities are formed on the tooth or its surfaces become eroded, spaces revealed can be replaced with materials that can perform the same function as the lost ones. Dental clinics all over the US give patients a lot of options when it comes to this matter.

McLoud Family Dentistry uses materials, such as gold, silver amalgam, resin and plastic that match the color of the tooth to be filled in. Being advanced in terms of dental technologies, the clinic is also capable of using glass ionomer in cases wherein resin is not desired.

Our clinic uses state-of-the-art laser equipment in the preparation of filling sites and in the actual setting of selected materials. Waiting time has been significantly reduced, thanks to the use of advanced photosensitive binding materials and equipment. We take pride in ensuring that every patient who comes through our doors will be going out smiling and satisfied after availing our dental services.

The cost of performing dental fillings may vary. There are factors that can affect this matter. The extent of damage to a tooth, the location of the tooth, the choice of materials, the complexity of the procedure chosen by a patient, and the number of visits required will be considered in determining the final bill. However, McLoud Family Dentistry is willing to help its patients regarding this matter.

Dental fillings are included in the list of services commonly covered by health insurance companies. The clinic will ensure that maximum coverage and benefits are enjoyed by their clients.

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