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A recently conducted, survey has revealed one interesting truth: at least 15% of the US population are scared of undergoing root canal treatment. This is mainly because of the misconceptions that they have about the whole thing. In reality, this type of dental procedure is not that much different from other available procedures out there today. This is in terms of pain or discomfort experienced during the procedure, cost and effects to the body.

Root canal treatment belongs to the category of endodontic services. This means that the procedure is done underneath the surface of a tooth. The need for this type of treatment arises when bacteria have penetrated through the soft tissue component of the interior part of a tooth. The damage can result from chipping of the tooth, repeated dental procedures done on the same tooth, and advanced level of decay within the surface.

The tissue beneath the dentin (hard material that covers the surface of the teeth) is important. It contains nerves, blood vessels and tissues used for the growth and development of the tooth. Even in adults, this tissue performs functions related to the ones just mentioned above.

root canal process diagram

The procedure is basically the same for all clinics. The inflamed and/or dead pulp or soft tissue is accessed, removed and disinfected. The space left behind is then filled with a material called gutta-percha. Its rubber-like properties make it ideal as a long-term solution for canal filling. If done with perfection, root canal treatments will never need to be repeated and the normal functions of the tooth (such as biting and chewing) are restored right away.

While this endodontic treatment is undoubtedly painful, McLoud Family Dentistry can give assurance to its patients that they will never have to worry about it. The clinic is equipped with the latest in dental sedation technology. Its endodontic experts are trained in the best methods of minimizing pain and discomfort of the canal procedure. The clinic environment is also friendly and provides a relaxing venue for those who are looking for the best dental care.

Root canal treatment need not be a traumatic experience for you or your family members. Let the experts of this clinic solve your endodontic problems. Contact them today!

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