Regular brushing and flossing of teeth are important dental hygiene practices. These can keep the teeth free from bacteria and from the buildup of plaque. However, there are areas in the teeth that a toothbrush or a flossing thread cannot reach. These areas are prone to decay and dental caries. The most practical solution here is the procedure called dental sealing.

Sealants used in the dental service industry are actually thin coatings of plastic material applied on the surfaces of tooth grooves. This is commonly prescribed for children and teens, but you can expect them to work effectively for adults, too. The main function of dental sealants is to keep bacteria and food particles away from grooves in the teeth.

tooth sealing protects teeth

Many dentists will recommend applying sealants to the permanent molars. For children, it will be best if the first and second molars will be sealed right after eruption. This will ensure that the teeth are still free from decay and buildup of bacteria.

Dental sealing is one of the easiest procedures to perform. It is painless and you can complete it on a single visit to the clinic. McLoud Family Dentistry can guarantee that the entire procedure is finished in less time than their other offered procedures.

The procedure itself is simple. The tooth surface is cleaned. A special gel is applied to it then washed off after a minute or two. The sealant is then brushed onto the surface. Since the material is photosensitive, you can dry and harden it by shining light onto it. This takes only a few minutes to complete.

The sealed surfaces can be protected for a long period of time. Sealants commonly have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. This can be longer depending on the lifestyle and the dental hygiene of an individual.

While sealants make the teeth stronger, McLoud Family Dentistry makes sure that its patients are informed about the importance of fluoride use as a primary means of preventing decay and cavities.

Protect your smile and those of your loved ones. Let McLoud Family Dentistry give you the best dental sealing services available out there.  Book an appointment with them today!

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