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It is a fact that not all people are comfortable sitting in a dentist’s chair. Children commonly find it hard to stay focused while they are aware that some of the dental procedures that they need to undergo involve a bit of pain and discomfort. For adults, the risk of anxiety attacks will always be there, thereby interfering with the performance of the dentist and the potential result of the dental procedure. These are just some of the main reasons why sedation services come hand in hand with other services offered by dental clinics.

Dental sedation has itself become a discipline, which requires dentists to be trained, accredited and experienced. While all dentists are allowed to administer inhaled sedatives and pills, advanced sedation procedures require licensing from the Commission on Dental Accreditation or CODA. McLoud Family Dentistry is proud to have dentists who have received training and certifications from CODA.


sedation services available

Patients can specifically request for sedation. This is true if they are known to have anxiety problems. Sedation services are also recommended for patients with low gag reflex, low level of pain tolerance, high teeth sensitivity, and are scheduled for long and complicated dental procedures. Children can be sedated either through oral or inhaled means.

McLoud Family Dentistry is equipped with the latest in terms of sedation materials and equipment. They can do inhaled, oral, intravenous, and general or deep sedation. Of course, the clinic sticks to the safety standards set forth by the ADA and FDA. They observe proper pre-procedure practices that ultimately gear towards patient comfort and safety.

Medical histories are examined before prescribing the type of sedation and patients are given a chance to review the full workout of the procedure. Risks that come with the procedure are also discussed prior to signing pertinent documents. With these procedures being done by McLoud Family Dentistry, every patient will have a hundred percent assurance that they are in good hands.

Look no further when you need dental sedation services. One of the best names in the industry is here and ready to serve you. Pick up that phone if you need more information.

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